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  1. Design Brief - Your Architect will need a brief. Some useful things to consider are; what's your ideal build budget? How many bedrooms/bathrooms? How many living spaces? Study and or media room? Butlers pantry? What are your non-negotiables? What will make this project 'a success'?

  2. Site Plans - Site survey obtained and geotech report

  3. Plans - Getting the Built team involved from the design stage can hugely assist with the smooth running of your build. Your Architect will work through concepts, developed design drawings and then the full set of plans (which BUILT will need in order to price)

  4. Interior Design - Need help with your interiors? Built can design, plan and manage your interior spaces. It's good to look at Interiors before you finalise your architectural plans in case there are spaces which need Engineers or Architects input. More on Built Design here.

  5. Consent - When you've signed off the plans with the Architect they will lodge with the council for consent.

  6. Built quote - Built will price the final set of plans and provide you with an official quote, which will include specifications of what's been priced. If you're needing finance this can be used to start the ball rolling.

  7. Built contract - At this point, once the quote has been accepted, Built will send through a Master Builders building contract and a deposit (as per the payment schedule in the build contract) which will be required to get things underway.

  8. MB Guarantee - Built will apply for the Master Builders 10 year guarantee. More information here.

  9. Insurance - For a new build, Built will apply for contracts works insurance. For a renovation it's the clients responsibility to add the contracts works under their existing home insurance.

  10. Build planning questionnaire - Built will provide you with a detailed Build questionnaire to get all the finer details in order for your build i.e: interior selections based on what has been specified in the plans and on the quote.



  1. Siteworks

  2. Base stage - footings and foundations

  3. Framing

  4. Roof and cladding on

  5. Fixings and fittings - internal and exterior finishes

  6. Finishing work

  7. Handover

* Built will take the client through monthly site visits.



Following completion of the construction, Built will preform a defecting process with you to make sure you're home is 100% ready to move into.


On practical completion (move in time!) Built will submit the Code of Compliance documentation and you will be given the Master Build Guarantee and any subcontractor warranties for the project.

BUILT will guide you through the build process from start to finish.


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